Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Remotely track and contain cows out in the pasture.
  • Draw a fence on your phone, computer, or tablet.
  • As cows approach the boundary, they are alerted with sounds. The closer they get to the boundary, the louder the sounds get.
  • Draw a route, as if making a trail, from one pasture to the next. The cows are guided into the next pasture along that route. As soon as they get to the next pasture that becomes the new boundaries.
  • Analytics for locations and some activity data is collected.

Producers with less than 200-head, off farm job, and already doing some rotational grazing.

Boss Collar:

  • Gets the data from the cows to the software and then from the software to the other cows
  • Connects to cellular

Secondar Collar:

It depends on the operation and the producer.

  • Any herds less than 25, charged individually per collar
  • Boss Collars: 350 with a minimum of 3
  • Secondary Collars: 250
  • Powered by solar charged battery
  • Full battery lasts 7-14 days without any sun
  • Only need to connect to cellular once a day
  • Only need cell service to move cows or know their location, not to contain them

A satellite map on the app allows you to draw your pasture.

It takes GPS coordinates of each point and puts it on each collar.

  • It is a buckle that uses a nut and bolt to keep the collar in place, similar to a seatbelt.
  • You close the loop by buckling it, push it over the cow’s head and adjust to their neck size.

None that we’ve seen. No sores or major rub points.

  • The collars should last 2 years.
  • Lifetime warranty on all collars. If a collar stops working after 2 years, up to 7 years, it will be replaced at no cost.

Once calving season begins, you don’t need to worry about getting collars for the calves. The calves typically follow the cows around the pasture.

The first 5-14 days they will ‘fight’ it, but they get used to it and don’t seem to fight it as much the longer they wear it.