Keep the old school work ethic.
Stop fixing cross fencing.

Simple & Effective Wearables.

Corral’s collar system gives ranchers the ability to track their cattle, move them remotely, and create new fences wherever they may be needed all with Corral’s software.

The wearable collar provides stimulation to keep the cattle within the boundary created by the ranchers in the Corral software.

Cross Fence Anywhere.

Move your cattle from almost anywhere using Corral’s streamlined software system, saving you time for other tasks.

Corral’s advanced system allows anyone with access to a phone, computer, or tablet, to create new cross fences on any of their pastures. This optimizes pasture utilization for any operation.

Build Healthy Pastures.

Virtual fencing enables cow calf operations to create specialized grazing plans and increase carrying capacity. Through the Corral web app operators can see pasture utilization in real time and forecast future acreage needs.