Corral Technologies Rolls Out New Brand

Technology within the cattle industry is always improving and it’s no surprise that fencing is even getting an upgrade. Virtual fencing allows producers to improve their operations by allowing them to remotely move their cattle from one pasture to the next and to implement grazing systems that would’ve been nearly impossible before. These benefits allow cattle producers to improve their operation’s profitability and productivity.

This concept has been captured in Corral Technologies’ new tagline: “Herd management from a digital saddle.” In addition to a new tagline, Corral Technologies has gone through a complete rebranding, with an updated color scheme.

“This rebranding is representative of the progress we have made as a company,” says Jack Keating, founder of Corral Technologies and Nebraska cattle producer. “Since starting Corral Technologies four years ago, we have gone from an idea on a ranch to rolling out devices nationwide. We look forward to launching devices across the globe in the coming years and continually helping producers improve their profitability.”

Virtual Fencing Details

Virtual fencing allows ranchers to control livestock on rangeland without needing expensive infrastructure of physical fences. Cattle wear collars that communicate using GPS and reception towers. When an animal comes to the limits of the virtual fence set by the rancher, an auditory stimuli in a series of loud beeps is emitted by the collar. If the animal continues beyond the boundaries of the virtual fence, they will receive a benign shock. Cattle have demonstrated the ability to quickly learn the cues associated with virtual fencing, and eventually only respond to the audio stimuli.

Utilizing virtual fencing can help ranchers improve soil and water quality through improved management of rotational grazing. Rotational grazing can help stimulate plant regrowth and add manure to the soil while helping prevent overgrazing. Virtual fencing enables ranchers to more frequently and efficiently move cattle between pastures with reduced labor inputs and in areas that are difficult to fence.

Founded in 2020, Corral Technologies was launched by Keating, who grew up on a Nebraska ranch. Keating’s motivation to start Corral Technologies was to increase the carrying capacity while reducing fencing costs as the price of satellite connectivity and cloud-based software continued to become more affordable.

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